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Az Elektronikus Kultúrális Atlasz Kezdeményezés (ECAI) igazgatójának beszámolója

HUNAGI 2006-tól az ECAI megfigyelő tagja. Az Elektronikus Kulturális Atlasz Kezdeményezés térségi, kulturális és történelmi összefüggéseket elemez információs és informatikai infrastruktúra felhasználásával. A Berkeley Egyetemről ma érkezett meg Jeanette L. Zerneke ECAI igazgató beszámolója:

ECAI Director's Report

August 2013

Future Meetings
 PNC 2013 Annual Conference and Joint Meetings, 2013.
 ECAI is pleased to announce our collaboration with PNC this year and encourage your participation in the following events:

2013 PNC Annual Conference and Joint Meetings
Hosts: Center for Integrated Area Studies, Kyoto University (CIAS), Information Processing Society of Japan-Special Interest Group of Computers and the Humanities (IPSJ SIG-CH), PNC, and co-hosted by National Institutes for Humanities (NIHU), Japan.
            Conference Dates:  
     December 9th ANGIS and ECAI Cultural Atlas Consortium Meeting
     December 10th -11th PNC Annual Conference
     December 12th PNC Annual Conference and NIHU Meeting
     December 13th -14th IPSJ SIG-CH Meeting
Main Theme: New Paradigms on Humanities Computing – Linking Knowledge of Human Activities

ECAI will be hosting two workshops: a general meeting of the Cultural Atlas Consortium co-hosted by Academia Sinica and a team meeting of the Maritime Buddhism Project.   See more:

ECAI members are encouraged to present papers on their current research as part of the main PNC conference.Session proposals, paper, or poster submissions must be entered through the PNC website. Please also send an Email to ECAI program contact, Jeanette Zerneke, to indicate your intention to present. ECAI papers will be reviewed by the Conference Program Review Committee. Those recommended for acceptance by ECAI will be approved.   
Submission Deadline:  SEPTEMBER 2, 2013
Submit your application to PNC Secretariats through PNC online submission system. More information is available at PNC 2013 Website at S
General Contact: Jernaette Zerneke, Berkeley

ECAI Maritime Buddhism Workshop, August 27-29th, 2013
Hosted by Hal Thwait at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Nan Tien Institute, Wollongong, is providing the Secretariat, through an agreement with ECAI. Details at

Adan Archive Project
The organizational planning group met at Sogang University campus in Seoul to set the goals and strategies for digitizing 25,000 volumes of rare books held in the Adan
Professor Wayne de Fremery is leading the project and will host an ECAI/Adan workshop December 5-7 in Korea

Atlas of Korean Literature
In the planning phase, the Atlas of Korean Literature will provide geo-registration as one approach to the data relating to authors, publishers, and editors of literary works.  The effort is being led by Professor Kwon Yong-min of Seoul National University and Professor Wayne de Fremery of  Sogang University.

Past Meetings  

ECAI Workshop: Cultural Atlas Consortium, In conjunction with TELDAP, March 15, 2013, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. Details at  The next meeting of the Consortium will be at the Kyoto meeting in December

ECAI Workshop: Technical Aspects of Cultural Heritage & Seminar: Atlas of Maritime Buddhism, March 25, 2013. Held at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Nalanda Sriwijaya Centre, Singapore. Details at The follow-up will be held at the workshopAugust 27-29 at University of Malaya

ECAI Collaboration Agreement
An agreement has been signed between the School of Information at U.C. Berkeley and   Nan Tien Institute in Australia to provide support for the ECAI Atlas of Maritime Buddhism. Louisa Lam is representing Nan Tien, is serving as the coordinator for the workshops, travel, and planning of the Atlas.

Papers describing progress with ECAI’s project ‘Editorial Practices and the Web’ can be found at

Dr Shoichiro HARA, Vice-Director, Center for Integrated Area Studies, Kyoto University: Information Infrastructures for Area Studies, and Prof. Tatsuki SEKINO, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan, visited ECAI on June 10. They presented their research on ‘Information Infrastructures for Area Studies’ and on ‘Time information system and basic temporal information’ respectively.
 Prof. Peng Zuo, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, is currently a visiting scholar working on a database of Tang dynasty poetry.

Past ECAI Directors’ Reports 
Past ECAI Directors’ Reports are available at"

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