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Mai postánkból. HUNAGI 2007 tavasza óta tagja az Elektronikus Kulturális Atlasz Kezdeményezés intézményi hálózatának, amely a földrajz, kultúrák, a történelemtudomány és a térinformatika sajátos interdiszciplináris kutató műhelye. Ösztönzésére fiatal hazai kutatók és intézményeik is csatlakoztak a kezdeményezéshez. Az ECAI szervezet elnöki beszámolója :
" December 2009 Directors' Report
New Developments

New ECAI Meeting Policy
A new ECAI meeting policy was agreed at the joint meeting of the ECAI
Executive and Institutional Committees at the ECAI/CAA joint conference at
Williamsburg on 24 March.
It was agreed that ECAI would change its policy to give a higher priority
to ECAI-flavored sessions at conferences of other organizations, to
specialized and local ECAI meetings, to "camps" (informal meetings of
experts), and to workshops and a lower priority to separate ECAI
conferences, even when joint with other conferences. It was recognized
that maintaining two ECAI conferences a year has been important for
building an ECAI community. However, this revised strategy would probably
be more effective in achieving ECAI's mission.
**The Shung Ye Museum in Taiwan has made an initial gift of $5,000 as part
of support for the preparation of a book of social changes in Taiwan since
the lifting of martial law in 1987. The book will be compiled and edited
by David Blundell and Michael Buckland.
For the workshop in India focusing on Remote Sensing, we received a grant
of $24,000 from the National Science Foundation to cover travel, housing,
and publication of the conference papers.
The University of California Berkeley Shung Ye Museum of Formosan
Aborigines Endowment Fund has awarded ECAI a sixth grant to support the
work of the ECAI Austronesia Team. $10,000 with be used for Phase III of
"Orchid Island (Lan-yu) and the Batanes: A Cultural Atlas of Languages and
Cultures" being undertaken by David Blundell, Michael Buckland and
Jeanette Zerneke.
Future Meetings
The ECAI/PNC conference and workshops will be held October 20-24 in Seoul
Korea joint with the VSMM 2010 Conference. We will be sending more
information to the affiliates after January.
2009 Workshops
(1) In keeping with the mandate that we move our efforts into workshops,
we had a successful collaboration with the Third International Conference
on Remote Sensing in Archaeology on 17th - 21st August 2009,
Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India (near Chennai).
The IIIrd International Conference was organized jointly by Bharathidasan
University, Tiruchirappalli, the University of California, Merced and
Berkeley, the University of Siena (Italy) and the REACH Foundation,
Chennai. The conference dealt with a wide range of perspectives, approaches and
issues on the use of remote sensing and digital technologies in
documenting, analyzing and interpreting archaeological and anthropological
We were pleased to have the Minister of Cultural Affairs of India give the
keynote address. At the conclusion of the meeting, we forwarded to him a
statement from the members of the meeting, advocating some form of
cultural atlas work to provide for heritage site
identification and preservation. ECAI will be working to initiate this
proposal with an Atlas of Buddhist Archaeological Sites of Tamil Nadu and
Andre Pradesh. A team of scholars and researchers are forming with Dr.
Eric Kansa from the School of Information at Berkeley heading up the
(2) ECAI staff and members then held a second workshop at Pondicherry,
India, with the Ecole Francaise d'extreme orient, August 23-25, 2009. This
was an invitational workshop dealing with the input of Sanskrit materials
and the methods of handling Sanskrit manuscripts. We hope to give support
to the University of the West in its efforts to make a
large dataset of digital Buddhist Sanskrit texts. Our staff will also
continue to explore ways of cooperating with the EFEO team at Pondicherry.
(3) After five years of work on the Atlas of Chinese Religions with the
recent collaboration with the GIS Center of Academia Sinica, Taiwan, we
held a "Beta Test" workshop for the current state of the atlas interface.
Hosted by Professor Fan I-chun, head of the GIS Center, 18 participants
had a day-long session working with the interface and evaluating its
strengths and problems. Participants came from Taiwan, U.S., India, U.K.
and Russia.
After the workshop, the group made a report on the results to the PNC
meeting and the "GIS in the Humanities and Social Sciences 2009
International Conference," 7 - 9 October 2009.
*(4) The Director has been co-organizer with Professor Philip Stanley for
the workshop at the United Nations Day of Vesak meeting in Bangkok May 2-6
on: "Constructing a Digital Catalog for Buddhists Texts." The workshop
brought together more than 30 scholars who represent major input and
translation projects around the world. There is a continuing
effort from this workshop to construct the new digital catalogue.
ECAI was represented by the Director at the Second World Buddhist Forum
held in Wuxi and Taipei in April.
Recent Meetings
The Association of Asian Studies conference in Chicago featured a joint
ECAI / TELDAP panel session on March 28, 2009. The theme was
"Digitization -- Paradigm Shift for Asia Studies." The session, chaired by
Prof. Ruth Mostern (University of California at Merced, USA)
included papers by Dr. Simon C. Lin (Academia Sinica Grid Computing
Centre, Taiwan), Dr. I-chun Fan (Institute of History & Philology,
Academia Sinica, Taiwan), Dr. Karl Ryavec (University of Wisconsin, USA),
Dr. Peng-shan Chiu (Institute of History & Philology, Academia Sinica,
Taiwan), and Dr. Jiang Wu (University of Arizona, USA). Details are at
ECAI's Spring 2009 Meeting was held in conjunction with CAA (Computer
Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archeology) on March 22-26, 2009,
Williamsburg, VA, USA, with the theme "making history interactive." The
conference website:
ECAI sessions with titles and abstracts of papers presented are listed at
Past ECAI Directors' Reports
Past ECAI Directors' Reports are available at"

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