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A World Internet Project Ireland keres eContentplus projekthez (Földrajzi tartalom) magyar partnert. A pályázat témája: személyre szóló térkép és földrajzi információ szolgáltatás.
Kérem,a program továbbítását az esetleges leendő magyar partner részére.Küldöm a projekt leírását és a partner elérhetőségét.
Segítségét előre is köszönöm.
Üdvözlettel: Sáfár Bea

NCP projekt menedzser
Magyar Tartalomipari Szövetség (MATISZ)
Tel.: (+36 1)213-5089, Fax.: (36 1) 375-9722

Proposal summary page
Personalized – GIS Services
Strategic objectives addressed
The objective of the project is to develop advanced network architecture, services, products, content processing and management techniques to facilitate advanced map usage and personalized and situation based search of geographical data, services and products within all different environments (including mobile). The project addresses the heart of the content + objectives and tackles the key domain that is necessary to provide the enabling technologies for personalised access to maps and GIS services and system. The implementation of these services will have a major impact in the EU and will enhance the E-content + objectives.
We will provide advanced solutions for organising, searching and accessing large-scale, distributed GIS content and objects. Our project is clearly innovative and will lead to a new level of assistive, search and retrieval services and products as well as a new user’s experience. The PEGASUS project will bring GIS services to fields where those services have not been implemented. Our projects will extend areas where map based services can have meaningful and feasible usage. The PEGASUS project will significantly advance research capabilities simultaneously consolidating existing research work. Our proposal clearly identifies and addresses future development in the field.
Our focus are technologies that support the process of representing and interpreting, navigating and retrieving maps and other types of maps related objects. Our aim is to provide industry and research community with a new metadata standard and set of procedures that will allow integrating of various heterogeneous and until now not compatible data sets (information). Simultaneously our metalanguage will allow the same geographical information (mostly represented through maps) to change instantly visual appearance depending on the type of visual presentation system or information that is needed. We do not just include heterogeneous data fusion and optimised system integration but we also introduce new technologies and visual presentation principles for the mobile environment.
Our project will simultaneously help to methods and tools aimed at higher levels of information harvesting, including automated knowledge discovery, extraction, annotation, summarisation, indexing and retrieval of all types of GIS content including 3D.

Proposal abstract

We propose an integrated autonomous agent based system that will organise, search and access digital maps, different GIS content and objects from different applications (not related to the present GIS systems) based on the user’s needs, actions, reactions and behaviour. Our integrated system will work with distributed and local GIS content and objects. Our project addresses relevant national and international standards (established and envisaged), policies and initiatives. The main advantage of our proposal is that it will provide personalized and user based (intuitive) GIS based services for different (not “directly GIS related”) applications and needs. Our project brings together expertise from a wide range of disciplines with the goal of proposing standards and methodologies and developing metastandard, metalanguage, software, tools and services that can facilitate different not gis oriented but GIS served search and retrieval criteria. By defining advanced system architecture, the project will enable on the fly content insertion and instantaneous context variations that will take into account user’s demand, profile, content availability and end device. The project will be capable of providing personalized (user and device) services and information to a tremendous range of end-users in a real environment.

The PEGASUS project lies in the general context of GIS, multimedia data processing, human-computer interaction and affective computing, all topics currently receiving significant interest at the national and international levels. One of the goals of this project is to design a framework for information-based access to GIS content, specifically maps, which will be based on user’s needs and environment. Separate part of the project will define an agent capable to “understand” user’s behaviour and to determine user’s specific needs for map presentation. The set of individual reactions will first be learnt from a selected set of the respective reactions presented to a user. These reactions will then constitute individual user profiles describing the user’s preferences corresponding to intrinsic or to semantic characteristics of the information. The knowledge of these preferences will permit the design of truly individually tailored data management tools; these will be integrated into a concrete platform for reaction-based access and summarization of information.

The Main Workpackage description
Research, technological development and innovation related activities
(WP1) Analysis and Requirements
O 1. To test the existing GIS systems, their interpretability and complementarities.
O 2. To continuously receive inputs from users all through the system, and check if all deliverables are based on real experiences.
O 3. To analyze service experience
O 4. To model different user cases
O 5. To model use cases for personalised audio visual services and emotional experience
Description of work
Test of the existing GIS systems, their interpretability and complementarities. Definition of a new – integrated, user oriented and task supportive system.

(WP2) System architecture

The resulting system will serve to integrate services and networks into an everyday environments whilst ensuring that the individual remains in control but with the cognitive burden offset through the anticipation of user needs.
O 6. Derive system architecture from requirements model and state of the art report having been created in work package 1
O 7. Determine subsystems and interfaces
O 8. Network architecture: redundancy, high availability, scalability distributed Vs centralized, etc’
O 9. Service architecture: offline Vs On the Fly, personalization, video quality
O 10. Vertical technologies: DRM, Formats, etc’ Define the open interfaces and the framework to develop needed services, that support relevant visual parameters: resolution, format, quality etc’
O 11. Definition and Handling of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) (connect to business model) and define users interfaces and SLA management interfaces
O 12. Define the requirements for the test-bed
O 13. Identify suitable mechanisms to provide interoperability
O 14. Identify suitable mechanisms to design and implement an intelligence and open middleware ‘layer’ within the test-bed infrastructure
O 15. Evaluate the test-bed from an “interoperatibility” perspective.

Dr. Vladan Zdravkovic
MA Course Director
World Internet Project Ireland
University of Ulster
BT52 1SA
United Kingdom
Mobile: +46709389196

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